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2 Brief Questions........

1. On Cramer's show Mad Money......... he has a scored board in the back.
It says 1-7 which is always the current date.
But underneath in the scored column it says 42 -40.
I have never been able to figure out what the score column means.
I emailed them once but they sent me a standard reply that says they can't answer all questions........I thought it was pretty basic. But no answer.

2. Whenever you look at the volume on the NYSE it might say 1.5 BN shares traded today. If you look at the major volume movers like Exxon , MSFT, Ford might say 10M shares traded today.

It got me to wonder........there are like 2800 shares listed on the NYSE.
On the average day, how many companies constitute the majority of trades on the NYSE? It seems that if you took the top 25 companies listed, that they would probably constitute half of all the shares traded on an average day. It was just a random thought I had but I have never seen it before. It seems like you could make more money focusing on the top 25 or so stocks traded than the smaller ones.

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