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Hello BMW Experts!
I got this info from my friend:

"Australian Shepherd Rescue & Placement Helpline.
Their web address is:
This will take you right to Northeast & Mid Atlantic dogs available. You have to fill out an extensive application,
and be approved before you can adopt. Dogs come heartworm tested, fully vaccinated to date, and spayed/neutered.
She just started fostering "Scarlet" who had 11 puppies
on 12/27. They won't be up for adoption for a couple of months. I know that at least one (tri-black) is already "spoken for".
They are in Honesdale, PA. I think ARPH charges $300. which isn't bad, considering all the Vet stuff is done. I think they
add $100. if the puppy is too young to be spayed/neutered. That $ is refunded when the adoptee sends them proof of neutering.
On the website, you will see a notation that Scarlet's puppies will only be able to be adopted in the listed (northeast) states. The mother,
Scarlet will be up for adoption after she is spayed. The photos were taken 12/30. The dogs change all the time, so the first thing that should be done is the
application. That way, if you see a dog that you are interested in, you don't have to wait to be approved. They do check references,
and may want a home inspection. They do adopt into NYC, so living in a city is not a deterrent."

Good luck!
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