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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
What? Morgan allowed it because the more Jones kept ranting the more insane he looked. And it worked! Jones went on rants about medicine, 9-11, among other unrelated things. Paranoid, delusional, and exposed outside of his group followers. Not surprised you think he got over on the Brit. I suppose we will see you linking more stories from infowars in political science forum.
No, you just hate Jones so much you refuse to acknowledge his points. I don't like Jones. I don't listen to his show nor do I think he is good for gun owners. However, I can at least see his very well thought out, but poorly delivered points. If you read the interview on a transcript rather than watch the rant, it is clear that his points are well made. England did have a 60%+ rise in violent crime. Morgans constant "35 gun murders in England" was irrelevant. Partly because of the lack of population adjustment, and partly because he kept ignoring the fact that US gun sales have been at an all time high, and gun violence low(er). Our gun violence numbers are irrelevant when looked at a single year at a time. How many gangs does england have? How many violent bordering countries does England have? And about the drugs...it was another excellent point. People are being medicated at an astounding rate. A vast majority of Americans are now on some kind of drug. Many are on antidepressants. People pop them like skittles. What do all the shooters have in common? People are being medicated into a damn near coma, and he keeps blaming guns. If you refuse to acknowledge Jones' facts, there is no point in a discussion. I quite clearly said his DELIVERY was poor, erratic, and does the gun owners harm, as he sounds like a loon, but his POINTS were accurate.

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