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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
Well regardless. I have confidence in my skills as a mechanic and rightfully so considering I'm a mechanical engineer by degree. So call me a tinkerer. But with 10 Years and just about 140 thousand, I think I made the right move. I was throwing codes and could hear the air (with stethoscope) coming from the (terribly designed) pressed in gasket. And I spent less than half for CNC'd aluminum parts. So I feel pretty good despite you nay sayers.

So much negativity on these forums...

2002 BMW 330i
That's a common statement but if you look at people giving solid advice that is commonly accepted, you'll notice they've been here a while. This forum has a sh!t ton of activity and we see every problem come and go. Newcomers come on here all the time with info/news on what they did to their car and we've seen it all. We know what works and what doesn't, what's cost-efficient and what isn't. Rebuilding the DISA is borderline but consensus is just replace it with a new one. believe me, we have plenty of tinkerers on here, including myself. there's just some things not worth tinkering with.

If you search, you'll see why people prefer new ones to rebuilding it. I haven't looked into it much cause honestly i don't care. It's like rebuilding a window regulator.. i'm sure you could do it for pennies.. but why bother?
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