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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
I dunno man, could be vanos seals. Just did the entire CCV last year and pulled the ICV and gave it a very thorough cleaning. Replaced a few vacuum hoses too while I was in there, intake boots are all pretty new, etc.

Transmission is acting strange, jerking while in gear randomly, once recently, it lunged a little forward while I was stopped with my foot on the brake. Scare. Not sure if it is torque converter or not. When I did her cooling system not too long ago, everything was replaced except for the radiator, t-stat, all hoses, expansion tank, sensors, etc. You know, the "Mango" treatment!

Need to get it scanned somewhere that can read stored codes as my cheap e-bay code reader won't pull anything at all. If it were up to me, I'd never ever ever have any automatic cars in my stable!
in that case then yeah you are probably right. automatics scare me. they seem to have a mind of their own
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