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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Remember on the automatic cars, there is again another thermostat just for the automatic transmission in addition to the engine thermostat. The transmission thermostat fits in the bottom of the expansion tank somehow as I recall? This may be???? due to the fact the DME can change the engine coolant temp and BMW wanted to stabilize the automatic trans temps a bit more??? Again, some of these cold engagement and cold slipping issues with the automatic transmission may be helped a properly working engine and transmission thermostat. At least the transmission fluid would come up to temperature much quicker if the engine warmed up at the proper rate.

I know the newest Torque Pro app supports automatic trans temp display in some cars, it works in my daughters VW with the 6 speed Tiptronic, however, i am not sure the PID for the trans temp in the BMW has been flagged in Torque yet??

Just some more things to ponder??
Torque Pro won't read AT temperatures yet. I have the latest version.
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