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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
between that and the wah-wah, your car is like a one-man band isn't it?
HAHA funny. but not. Here's the sounds I recall coming from my 330i at one point or another:

1) Lower intake boot whistle (which is very hard to identify when you have an AFE cold air intake in there

2) DISA valve whine

3) Bad idler pulleys a few times squealing

4) Leaking front section on my UUC TSE3 (replaced under UUC's great warranty)

5) Wa Wa Wa coming from front left bearing

6) Grinding/scraping noise coming from parking brake shoes when they released themselves from one of the spring bolts that hold them on after I did the rear wheel bearing job and mangled my backing plates. Later when I replaced the kit, I found one spring screw off on each side, it was just sitting there in between the shoe and the backing plate, rubbing on the rotor, making a HORRIBLE grinding/metal on metal scraping noise.

7) I've also had this odd high pitched whine ever since I got the car that I can only hear when on the highway in 5th gear and slowly letting off the gas so the car runs down on engine power. Has to be some noise coming from some part spinning fast, maybe driveshaft, who knows. Problem always been there, no negative effects from what I can see except for me getting annoyed.

8) Hard knocking when I blew out the passenger side ball joint on my hamburg technic control arms WHAT A POS. NEVER GET THESE. ZHP's on there now.

9) The growl from my exhaust all day long But that is a sweet noise.

So yeah, my car at any given time is truly a one man band, like a bunch of kids banging on garbage can lids and playing recorders.
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