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IMHO just slapping on bigger sway bars is not the proper way to upgrade a suspension; they are meant more for tuning. It also depends on what you want to build your suspension for. You must consider that the front/rear springs and front/rear sway bars coupled together create the weight transfer balance side to side which is why the first suspension upgrade you should consider are springs. They act on the car 100% of the time allowing the car to maintain control during braking, acceleration, cornering, etc. Generally: a higher spring rate for smooth courses/roads and a lower spring rate for rougher courses/roads or for the person who doesn't want to feel a lot of road disturbances. If your happy with the springs and balance of your ride but feel it is rolling (left to right/right to left) too much then you could consider sway bars. The sway bars affect roll and individual tire bump. For too much roll you could stiffen your springs further but then you may have other issues with turn in/out etc. or you could adjust your sway bars. Generally: for smoother faster courses/roads you want more spring than bar and vice versa. Finally, the shocks control how we manage the rate of which the weight of the car transfers and the feel of the car. The shocks also control the energy of the springs and sway bars as the car moves around.
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