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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
How can bigger sways be too much?
My inner front wheel almost has lift when cornering at limit and I have substantial understeer and sub par turn in.
I have h and r race and koni yellows.
How could sways be overkill?
A huge front bar is what causes the understeer and piss poor turn in! What size bars do you have? I have Bilstein sports, H&R race on my 330ci, the 27/24 bars had good balance as a stand alone change but add too much stiffness when used with these shocks/springs. Suppleness and agility are my goals for a street car. So, I went for similar balance with stock front 23.5? front and 21mm rear bars. Neutral handling is the goal here but not so stiff that it bounces around! Too stiff a front bar will limit power application coming out of corners. Had this problem with stock suspension, lights flashing all the time. Only time they flash now is when the snows are on!
People contemplating sways need to study up and know what the heck they're doing before buying any old set of bars. It's like people that think huge wheels are tires are the way too better handling, NOT!
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