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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
My father is a biomedical physicist and he believes in God.
That's not to say that not everyone intelligent is atheist, it's certainly a valid thing to consider. After all, we can neither prove nor disprove a god. We can only validate within the realm of scientific understanding.

My own personal thinking is, we have no evidence for something using the best system that we have for proving things; therefore, I do not need to believe it. If we obtain true evidence for a god, then I'd believe in it. The default position of anything is "No," while the alternative is "Yes." This is the basic rule of logic. One should never assume something to be true unless given evidence otherwise. We wouldn't get anywhere if that was the case, and things in general would be extremely wrong in society. The justice system is one example of this. Not that it's exactly efficient, but it does operate under the principal of "Innocent until proven guilty." Or, "No until proven Yes."

Science, math, stats, etc. all go by this same principle that is naturally followed. It all goes under the basic notion of we know nothing until we give evidence otherwise.
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