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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
What you're seeing in my 'over reaction' is the effect of my knowing the risks and loving my son.

But, based on your post, I think I need to react less and hopefully have a son that stays off them fun as they are.
Just keep in mind there are risks with everything that he does. Including driving a car.

It took me a long time to convince my parents I had enough self control for anything more than 200hp. Their counter-arguement of course was "why do you need it?"...took a while to think of something good to respond with other than "so I can keep up with my friends".

But like I said, I would just comfort him on a bike and help him as much as you can. Because I really doubt that he'll stay off a bike forever. You may as well be around and watch/help him get his first few rides in, make sure he knows what he's doing, offer to pay for safety school/equipment (gloves, jacket, helmet...make sure he's not one of this kids in t-shirts and shorts). Maybe even convince him to take part in a bike forum, there are plenty of those and most of them preach to safe riding as much as Mango preaches to coolant overhauls on here.

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