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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
The only scenario is the fact that it's two pieces of plastic out under force and tension that they simply cannot withstand over time. The shape is barely hexagonal at best and an incredibly poor choice for connecting two pieces together that are supposed to pivot on the same axis. Especially when the smaller (almost cylindrical) core is supposed to open and close a flap that is unde constant vacuum. A triangular shape or even square would've been better suited. But the kit supplied aluminum replacement with WAY tighter fit coupled with loc tite is sure to prove better. Paying a third the price for 10 times more durable parts is a sure win for me. Regardless of failure rate. I'd rather good something before it fails than after any day.

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I forgot it was hexagonal, but the principles still apply from my post. It would explain the fact that some people's DISAs don't develop play nearly as quickly. Two parts wedged together don't abrade each other. Parts with play will abrade eachother very quickly and develop more play and more abrasion. That's the hypothesis I proposed.
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