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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Wow! You couldn't make that up.

Is Jones' rant what passes for reasoned discourse in right wing circles these days? Not even a minute into the "interview," well, rant, and Jones rattled off more conspiracy theories than I know existed.

Morgan was wise simply to sit back and reel out all the rope this clown needed to intellectually hang himself and his, ummm, ideas.
I never said it was reasoned discourse. I said he provided many facts that are 100% true. That no one blames the drug companies for hooking people on these pills. No one blames the medical problem of over prescribed medication. Everyone is afraid to lose their precious sponsorship dollars. He had a lot of very VERY valid points. Not all of them were good, but a level headed person could have made amazing arguments. Morgan repeats the same crap in all his interviews, all of which are skewed lies. The 35 murders in Britain. The Assault weapons, which are less lethal than regular handguns. The guns falling out of holsters. All those points are moronic, amateurish, and him calling people idiots (especially someone older than him) shows him as a classless, tactless, talentless quasi journalist.
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