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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post

All you Koolaid drinkers be careful here.

The vacuum diaphragm and the solenoid do fail, the vacuum diaphragm fails far more often than the solenoid. The vacuum diaphragm is rubber and in the under hood heat and gasoline/oil vapor rich environment, the vacuum diaphragm is likely to fail somewhere after the 8 year mark give or take.

As for moving the parts once installed, not sure this is so easy with the red Loctite that I think is provided.

This is kind of like the situation where everyone is interested in replacing the $30 worth of intake boots on the car with over $100 of silicon boots. Look at it this way, replace your intake boots every 6 years, likely you will not be replacing a 2nd set of boots, but if you do, you can check your DISA, replace the O-ring, clean the ICV sort the CCV and all the other vacuum lines by year 12, I doubt many of us will be driving our E46 by they time they turn 18 years old?
I'm not sure I would use the red loctite then. That stuff is serious.
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