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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Lets look at it this way then. You can either have Morgan go on his tirade about low murders in Britain and how ARs are bad babbling like an idiot, or Jones can babble. Morgan is not Oreilly. He is not nearly as professional. He cannot hold a cool, level headed, equal time debate. He yells or his opponents yell. In this case, Jones won the yelling match. Yes, he looked stupid doing it, and I guess you are right, winning the stupid contest isn't really winning, but he didn't let Morgan make his moronic points. I'm with you at the core, he did nothing to promote the safe legal gun culture, and made them look like extremists, and for that, and that alone, he failed. There is nothing wrong with speaking passionately, but going on rants with tangents didn't do us any good.
Man you are a person that lives in denial. Take your pyrrhic victory and move on. Keep beliving jones is reasonable and bested piers with ramblings, and conspiracy.
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