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You have your hands full... not only with your son, but with all the conflicting opinions on here. I won't comment on any of the bickering points, but I'll give you advice specifically on what you asked... how do you stop him from riding? Obviously you can't stop him if he's determined, but here is what I would do if I were in your position.

Don't tell him it's dangerous... that's ineffective. Make him understand that it's dangerous. There are plenty of graphic photos and videos of fatal accidents. There are plenty of videos of motorcycle mishaps on youtube. Also tell him to check out the local bike forum to see how often people die on bay area roads. And finally, tell him to read this story to show him it isn't just about him... his choice and his well-being/death has a very real impact on loved ones. He might be willing to risk his safety, but is he willing to put his family through the pain of his loss or injury? While you're at it, maybe your wife should check some of that out as well.

Basically if he still wants to ride after all of that, there's not a whole lot you can do. If he truly understands the danger involved and is willing to put loved ones through that, it's his choice.

PM me if you need further assistance or advice. I won't be returning to this thread. Good luck.

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