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Summer tires could be an option for me as long as the price is right. I live in an area that doesn't get that much snow (Maybe 1/2" a year and I don't drive in it) and the average temperature during the winter is right around 40-45 degrees. The sidewalls on my current Continental's are a little soft and to be honest the car understeers a little bit too much at the limit which is something I'd like to correct. At the same time I do a ton of highway driving (100 miles back and forth 3 days a week) so I'd like something that can give me a smooth ride as well. The amount of choices are dizzying, but I did get an email from a local vendor this morning saying he couldn't find any of the ExtremeContact's at the warehouses. I have some time to kill before buying the tires so I don't think that should be an issue until the end of the month.
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