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Originally Posted by BimmersGarage View Post
No matter if Donald's new or not. He's sharing his first hand experience on the G.A.S. DISA kit with all of us. That's the important part here.
We'll see if the remaining portion (vacuum diaphragm) of his original DISA will hold up from this point on.

I replaced my DISA with a brand new unit last year.
I had considered getting the same G.A.S. V.R.K. however, at the time I just didn't wanted to mess with retrofitting anything. Plug & play - less than 10 minutes to get everything re-assembled.
No no, that's not my point. My point is i'm seeing a trend here of new members making posts talking down to (in some cases, flat out cussing out) members and their advice which are gained from experience with this stuff.

And are you sure this kit is new? I've been hearing about it myself and did you actually read what JFOJ said about the internals (which are untouched by this "rebuild"?) Seems again, people are avoiding the safe bet to save a few bucks. If this kit is brand spanking new, we have no long-term evidence of its performance so any early adopters are more or less guinea pigs. (More power to you, but I don't like to experiment)
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