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Ok guys, I inspected the air intake boots and the filter box, couldn't see any cracks etc. However, the rpm issue is acting weird again. When I move and put it on neutral the rpm drops at ~550 which is normal. But when I do a complete stop it idles at ~550 for 2 seconds and goes back to ~800-900. Does this still sound like a leak issue? I will have to put it on a smoke test because there are no visible cracks

And I also isolated the whistle/purring noise (you can hear it in the video i posted). This morning when I turned on the car it wasn't there, but when the engine was warm it came back again. It comes from the alternator area. Could it be a pulley noise? I have never heard a pulley make that kind of noise though? I took off almost every part there to get to the OFHG, so could something be loose? Note: I torqued bolts the specs I found online..

Thanks for the help..

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