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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Did you put the belt on the same direction it came off in. Did you inspect the angles of alt and idler pulley after replacement. If you didn't line up the notch on idler pulley, you'd have an issue. Also, confirm your alt is mounted right. You can get it on without getting the idler bolt all the way through the back ear...ask me how I know!

Start with confirming the work you did was right...then hunt elsewhere for your sound.

Oh, use a hose to confirm location of a stethoscope...and did you replace the vent tube to the alt? If it was off, it might sound a bit louder than before.
Yes the belt is in the same direction (and newer than 4 months). The idler pulley's notch is in the grove of the alternatior, check. I couldn't get what you mean in your last sentence.. The idler bolt seems to be fully seated? The alternator seems to be fit right when I look at it? Is there any way for me to confirm if thats the issue?

I read about the vent tube online, but I didn't have it even at the beginning. I don't know if its lost or Z4s also have it just like e46 chassis?


@FastHackem: The tensioner pulley is dead I will change it with a hydraulic one as soon as possible, I checked it when the OFH was out. But if it was the source of the noise shouldn't it have the same noise before the DIY? It started after the DIY.

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