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I decided to solder the wires that I extended on the MAF Harness. Using 62/36/2 Rosin-Core Solder and some Rosin Soldering Flux. I have yet have time to reset my adaptation but WHAO! Car just woke up. Putting a big smile on my Face. Now sure its just side-effect from working on the car but I'm happy so far. I will reset Adaption tomorrow and drive it some tomorrow to see does it still act up.

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Good news for you trip:

The GS20-TCU is nearly decoded ... I don't know how long it needs to get the right adjustments for TCC on 1. 2. 3. 4. and 5. gear, but i think this will be able ...

How much boost you're using now? Whats your WOT-AFR at Redline?
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