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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
In terms of skill set, I've never been out west so can't comment on that whatsoever... but I'm "good" for east coast standards. I don't spend a lot of time in the park but can do standard jumps and can go down almost any slopes without too much trouble. The problem is my current BMC 56 from 2001 has a really narrow stance and is really stiff.. I was looking for an all around mountain board mainly for freestyling and just enjoying the hill.. don't need a park board or a huge mountain powder board
if youre average on the east coast youre more than capable out west. ice is the devil. i would really check out a rome its a great freestyle board. its extremely well made and has held up better than anything else i have owned.

Originally Posted by TayloMade[07] View Post
pillows pillows pillows DRRRRROP.... pow slash, pillow, pillow.

I'm getting a half chub thinking about it.

im very jealous.once my gf gets good enough im going back to vail

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