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Originally Posted by thecarguy View Post
Oh I'll be the first to admit it looks ghetto, but unless the panel is off and you are contorted under the can't see it.

I really just want to know if I could be causing any issues by cheating it up. I figured if some people like yourself are disabling it entirely, I am guessing I wouldn't be causing any harm to the car by doing this.
Does no harm by disabling the switch. It's more a safety feature for the us market to prevent the car from lurching forwards when starting in the event the driver is unaware they are in gear. Seeing as how you're disabling, why not disable it the proper way? I used PA Soft

To DISABLE the clutch switch:
-select "Coding data"
-select "Settings and manufacture settings"
-select Manual transmission
note* only for manuals
note** this allows you to start the car without having to depress the clutch
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