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Originally Posted by tasansal View Post
And I also isolated the whistle/purring noise (you can hear it in the video i posted). This morning when I turned on the car it wasn't there, but when the engine was warm it came back again. It comes from the alternator area. Could it be a pulley noise? I have never heard a pulley make that kind of noise though? I took off almost every part there to get to the OFHG, so could something be loose? Note: I torqued bolts the specs I found online..

Thanks for the help..
I had the SAME sound before I did my OFHG, belts, hoses, pulleys, hydraulic tensioner upgrade, Water Pump,...

After the install of all of this, I had the SAME sound coming from the same area you mention (i.e. DISA, intake area). I was hoping the above items would fix it but it didn't. So in this case, the pulleys aren't making the sound. In addition, the alternator wasnt causing the noise either.

My next step will be to look into the DISA and possibly the ICV to see if those 2 things are functioning properly. I'm hoping one of those 2 devices is causing this "grating, irritating" noise. I will also check for the lower intake elbow for leaks. The upper one looked solid with no holes.

My question to everyone else is: is there anyway the CCV be contributing to this noise? I would think a hole in the CCV tubing, which is under some kind of pressure due to engine pressure could make this sound.

BTW, my idle is right on - 650-750 with no issue with it.

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