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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
Well then make that point in a thread where it has some relevance. I did no such thing. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I simply wrote how well the kit worked and you told me how wrong i was for using it...

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Nowhere did I say any such thing.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Who has regretted it?

The big issue is if the DISA pin fails, it'll blow the motor. Very similar to the S54 Vanos hub issues in that regard.
I've been told personally to avoid JUST repairing the old unit as I had a similar inquiry. I have no objection to the kit and I'm sure it's made well, but you're repairing an old part. It would be better to spend the $170 for a new DISA + the $80 for the rebuild kit and rebuild it then just paying $80 JUST to rebuild an old, failing, and brittle part.

As I always say, your car!!
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