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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
If the tensioner pulley is bad, you only need to replace just that...and usually if you have one pulley bad, all three are almost them all while you can easily.

What I meant is that you can get the idler pulley bolt through the front ear of alt but not through the back ear...and thus the alt would be sitting at a slight angle. I don't know how I missed it when I did that, but it's possible. There's a bushing on the alt's ear that gets pulled out and can hang you up in trying to get it back...but you can see it going through the back ear of alt or not. Look to confirm belt is square on all pulleys.

Also, you know, guys have misrouted the belts before...nothing personal!

I had a cooling system overhaul 3 weeks ago and idler pulley is brand new.. The one which sits instead of the PS pump is ok, but the tensioner pulley is definitely bad I can say that, but as i said before it didn't make this noise before the fix I will check the idler pulley bolt again to be sure. No personal offense taken, no worries

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Another comment on the belts, make sure all SMOOTH surfaces of pulleys are touching SMOOTH sides of belts. Ribbed pulleys touch ribbed parts of belts (pay particular attention to alternator deflection pulley)

As for your idle, you most certainly have a vacuum leak. Check CCV plumbing particularly around valve cover and the one that snakes into the manifold DIRECTLY to the CCV. GL!!

Replace all vacuum lines/seals. See third link in my sig!
I made sure that flat on flat, ribbed on ribbed when installing it. I didn't have this idle issue before, and started right after OFHG diy. I didn't even touch the CCV tubes (I read a lot about it), and when I take the oil fill cap off, there is suction (which I read was good right?). But CCV is definitely going to fail me soon so i will change it when I have time, its a pita job... What are the chances of my idle problem starting with CCV right now? It is not going down-up-down/rattling all the time etc. The idle is just over what it should be I had RPM hiccups before, but thats probably the VANOS seals which I will fix them this Thursday if it doesn't rain!

Originally Posted by petemo94 View Post
I had the SAME sound before I did my OFHG, belts, hoses, pulleys, hydraulic tensioner upgrade, Water Pump,...

After the install of all of this, I had the SAME sound coming from the same area you mention (i.e. DISA, intake area). I was hoping the above items would fix it but it didn't. So in this case, the pulleys aren't making the sound. In addition, the alternator wasnt causing the noise either.

My next step will be to look into the DISA and possibly the ICV to see if those 2 things are functioning properly. I'm hoping one of those 2 devices is causing this "grating, irritating" noise. I will also check for the lower intake elbow for leaks. The upper one looked solid with no holes.

My question to everyone else is: is there anyway the CCV be contributing to this noise? I would think a hole in the CCV tubing, which is under some kind of pressure due to engine pressure could make this sound.

BTW, my idle is right on - 650-750 with no issue with it.
Well I didn't have this noise before the fix, so it has to be something i took off and installed again? Or this might make it more complicated, after getting rid of the leaks, the oil pressure increased to normal and the stupid CCV hoses can't take it anymore The sucking sound after turning off the engine could be the DISA shutting down. But I shouldn't be hearing it. I will try cleaning the ICV on Thursday when I start on VCG and VANOS seals and see if it helps.. Oh that stupid 'bird singing' noise is killing me, something is wrong just like you said. You can clearly hear it at 0:19 in the video.

I rebuilt my 'in working condition' DISA just to be on the safe side, with german auto solutions' kit incl. the o-ring back on September and didn't have any issues about it yet. So that is one of the things I can eliminate right now.

@Megalocnus: I might have, I hope I didn't I checked the floor before driving the car off.. But we can be blind sometimes.. I don't have anyone else around me to check if I am missing anything. Will check realoem..

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