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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Sorry but this post is so good I must quote it in its entirety. It deserves its own post!
Right, but a new BMW DISA does not address the design efficiency of the pin. The Gold Valve is the best option.

Originally Posted by 325xittt View Post
Jb weld on the shaft and inside the flap and a $5 o-ring fixes the DISA flap flapping and the vac leaks As long as the pin is good no worries. I did it when the money was tight to keep me going. I haven't found a reason to get a new one yet with 50K on one I did. I've checked it few times all is well.

OK here comes the flames
JB Weld? It's your motor.
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here today, gone tomm

i spend it while i can, if i run out i'll swallow all my meds
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