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The post by JFOJ is good reasoning. Well said. Thinking about it now I probably won't get the repair kit as it'll be many years until a new one wears out.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
You sure it's a design "deficiency" as opposed to just wear and tear?? At any rate, you will (at most) only need to change this part once in your car's life time. Mine is pushing 11 years old, 130k miles and I've verified it's super tight, noise free, and holds vacuum very well. ///MPR77 had 293k miles on his when he replaced it as PM and even his orginal DISA was still going strong.

What's this deficiency you speak of? In that light, every other part on our cars have a "deficiency."
I'd say it's a deficiency for it to wear out by 70K miles. That was my experience unfortunately.
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