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Originally Posted by DonaldE View Post
That post isn't good at all. All he was doing is simply naming all the parts that make up the DISA and saying they could break. That's just silly. I could name EVERY part on the ENTIRE car and say how they COULD break. That doesn't mean they are going to. I don't see how the vacuum pot could fail. It's completely encased save for very small hole that's inside mainfold. And if such were true, then EVERY hose under the hood is exposed to the same environment and should therefore fail at the exact same rate.

I fixed and prevented future failure of a part that plagues almost every m54 motor that BMW made. Hence the reason for the rebuild kit. I say that loosely as I've read that yours is fine.

It seems that as a "senior member" of this forum, you should know how to behave like an adult. Your posts from the beginning were irrelevant and negative. I told you that I used this wonderful kit with success and you say, "I would have done such and such." I don't care what you would have done. I'm saying what I did so that if people are on wondering what they will get when ordering this kit, they will know how satisfied I was.

The diaphragm can break, there are many documented cases of it happening.

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