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^+1. He wanted to do all he could for the team, but he was trying to do too much. He didn't need to put the team on his back and try to carry them. I think he should have been pulled out when the score was 14-0. I honestly believe Cousins and Morris could have won the game for us if RG3 had been pulled out after his second TD... but I don't think they could have won the game if Cousins had started. I really hope that this doesn't effect his long-term career. I would be surprised to see him at all during the first half of next season... hopefully he makes a full recovery.

Hopefully once they get into his knee it will just be an LCL tear. 3-6 months recovery time. If it's both LCL and ACL, then it could take up to a year to fully recover. Also, I'm getting tired of people blaming Shanahan. RG3 told him that he wasn't injured, that he was just hurt. Professional players play hurt all the time. Now if RG3 said he was in a lot of pain and Shanahan still put him in, then that's a different story. Plus, after he tweeked his knee in the 1st qtr, wasn't he cleared to go back in? Wouldn't that be Dr. Andrews fault?
- Alex
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