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I'll start this with "in Australia"

Any puncture within 2cm of the tyre wall is considered "unrepairable" by the large tyre distributors/chains.

When you finally find a smaller repairer who will fix it, they will usually say, "yes but we won't guaranty the repair will hold." I was told around 50% chance, it's because there is a lot of flex in the tyre in that area during acceleration, breaking and cornering.

I had a screw puncture my rear tyre in an almost identical position on a new Michelin ps2, I had it repaired and it held up fine. (it took me 4 different Tyre stores to find one that said it could be done.)

I'll admit I was a little concerned about what could happen if I tracked the tyre, so I replaced it when the tyre reached 1/2 tread, however I probably could have continued using it with no concerns.
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