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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Why do you say it's not worth getting fixed?

I'm no tyre engineer but I can't see how a 2mm diameter hole with a depth of no more than 4-5mm would cause any structural damage should it be plugged.
It's pretty simple.

There are kevlar (?) threads in the tyre side wall and if they are damaged, the tyre then has a weak point where is can explosively blow out, which obviously is dangerous when your going fast around a corner..

Which is also when you're most likely to cause the blow out, obviously that is when your'e loading the tyre the most, further that location is also near the maximum stress point for the tyre during acceleration and breaking.

The reason it may not be worth patching relates to the cost of the patch, time to patch failure, (which they won't re-patch as I understand it), and danger of blow out, a serious blow out could cost you more than just a new tyre. (ie injury to yourself and others, or just extra damage to the car)

I find them all to be good arguments, but I still had mine repaired and was happy with the result.

In my case and from what I can see of yours, the entry of the screw appears not to touch the sidewall, and I found the risk acceptable, BUT the shoulder is a weak point in the tyre, and the patch further weakens it.. Thankfully it's not in the side wall.
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