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SES Light Remains - Using PASoft 1.4

Hi All,

After using this forum to repair an endless amount of DIY projects from VANOS to Window Regulators, I have finally met my match.

My 2005 3.30i (150,000 miles) threw a Service Engine Soon light. I ordered PASoft and an adapter and went ahead and pulled the lifetime of codes from the computer. I saved the log file, and went ahead and cleared all errors. I actually cleared the errors a few times because more errors went away each time.

After 3 clearings I was able to get only a few errors to even remain in the system.

5E16/20 - CAN Timeout Instrument Cluster
5DA3/A0 Wheel speed sensor front right start recognition v comparison
5DA3/A0 Wheel speed sensor front left start recognition v comparison
5DF4/20 - Vehicle Power < 9 Volts

SRS - > Shadow Memory :
50/20 - Power supply, undervoltage.


A few notes:

1) I changed a dead and dying batter about 2 months ago with an interstate. It has given me no problems at all.

2) I ran the odbII on-board voltage test... drives at 14.1 rests and 12.5 or 12.6 (which are perfect).

3) When I open the above errors in PASoft they are all yellow boxes labeled.... "error no longer persists".

4) I took out the wheel speed sensors and cleaned them for good measure with MAF cleaner.

5) Every thing on my instrument cluster works perfectly down to the clock knobs and lcd crystals.... including the speedometer.

6) I cleared the errors an extra time in PASoft, and tried to do another reset with the negative terminal.

7) I believe this light may have come on shortly after the ABS kicked in during the rain (a few days), but that may have been a coincidence.

8) The engine actually stalled in gear 2x last week but basically compression started itself back up within a few seconds. This had me thinking fuel pump / delivery until I received my scanner tool.

9) The ABS or SRS lights are not on.

So where does that leave me now?

From what I have read on the forums, these errors above are generally not enough to throw a code. Many people find these errors but no SES light.

My next steps are to do the best inspection I can on the alternator and voltage regulator, but I don't see that being the case now after the ODBII test.

Do I need to go to BMW so they can run additional scans that I cannot? In my 7 years of BMW ownership I have never once been on a BMW service order.... so I guess getting ripped off for 1 hour labor wouldnt be the end of the world.


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