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Originally Posted by ChiefM3 View Post
Here is the list of items that i am currently considering buying now. What is your guys thoughts. Do you have any items that you would recommend in place of these items? The site i am looking at is Modbargains due to price but I am willing to buy from other vendors if i get negative responses. I refuse to place junk on any of my rides so trying to knock out the research first.
K&N 57-Series and 63-Series Intake BMW E46 3 Series and M3
Carbon Fiber SMG Paddles for BMW E46 M3
Smoked BMW E46 M3 Side Markers
Kidney Grills : Matte Black
E46 M3 Side Grills
and VMR 710 Matte Black wheels ( Dont know what size would be best though)
-The cold air intake isnt worth the extra $$, a K&N drop in filter will suffice
-I personally prefer the aluminum smg paddles. I have them on my car. Although carbon fiber looks ok
-Modbargains is definitely a good place to get all of these items. Ive ordered from them before and have never had a problem. Also check out

and definitely look into a paint correction if your car has alot of swirl marks. I did one on my car about a week ago and my car looks like glass.

Originally Posted by dinan19 View Post
The intake would be pointless but not the headers neccessarily. If you turbocharge it then yes the turbo manifold replaces it. But if you go with AA or ess and have a procharged setup then the headers are still usefull since they dont run from exhaust but pulleys.
+1 OP if you do decide to put headers whatever you do don't buy Agency Power. Their design is flawed since they have a flap in the inside that restricts the flow at high rpm causing the car to choke and not make as much power as other headers like CSL or even AA. Ive tested them on the dyno.
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