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CCV Valve Question (Cold Climate or Standard?)

The CCV valve on my '99 323i needs replacing. I am going to order the parts and pay the senior BMW mechanic at the local BMW dealership to do it for me (on his own time, not at stealership labor costs). But I keep seeing "standard" and "cold climate" versions of the CCV valve and some of the hoses. Are these terms negligible, or are they actually different from one another in terms of fitment? I live in Lubbock, TX so every once and a while it gets pretty cold... But I don't want to order something and find out I got something that wont fit my vehicle for whatever reason...

Also, I was wondering if you guys think the labor fees he is going to charge me sound reasonable for the work that's going to be done. I've never taken my car to the dealership to have it worked on because I've always done it myself. But I don't want to get involved with the CCV valve and really just don't have the time right now due to my work schedule. But he is going to replace the CCV valve and all the hoses, the oil filter housing gasket while he's in there, and also locate and replace an ignition coil that has gone out... And said the labor charges would be $275. Sounds fair, right?

I need to order these parts tonight so I'm hoping for some early responses!

P.S. - If I do end up needing the "standard" version of the CCV valve, do you guys think it's work paying double for a genuine BMW part, or go cheap and get the URO off-brand? I only plan on having this car a few more years, so if it'll last me that long I'd be happy.

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