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Originally Posted by sykane View Post
It hasn't been THAT cold, although we did have one night where it may have hit zero degrees.
Maybe not so cold for you, but colder than for most. You likely have 2 issues.

1. Soft failing thermostat causing engine to run too cold and not cook of moisture and water vapor from the crank case.

2. A plugged or restricted CCV system, CCV lower oil return line and possibly a clogged dual walled dipstick tube.

If you can get the car warmed up and it is not missing and has no CEL then I would be hopeful the engine is fine. You will likely need to get it out on the highway for 15-30 minutes to help clear the exhaust of oil.

The first thing I would likely do is replace the thermostat and make sure the engine is running consistently in the low to mid 90C range after it has warmed up, typically 5-7 miles in the morning.

CCV may be able to wait a bit, but you may not want to chance it this time of year.
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