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Originally Posted by TiAg2247 View Post
Honestly, I have seen that exact type of hit and damage. It's closer to double what you were quoted for bodywork alone, not including damaged mechanical stuff.

Part the car. You'll get probably 5K for the motor alone. Just trying to help you out, not threadcrapping. GLWS
Originally Posted by EmDeeAr View Post
Yeah man, the car just isn't worth saving at this point. Accidents happen.

Part it out. The motor is low mileage, and could fetch a pretty penny in itself. The same goes for the tranny, assuming it is also at 75k.
The right side of the car is intact, so you could sell those panels.

Good luck though; sorry about the wreck :/
Thanks for the honesty. I've learned enough on this forum to trust good advice often and early.

I'll keep this offer up until I get things going with the part out.


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