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Thanks for this input, looks very helpful.

As far as the engine coolant temp at start up, the engine will retain heat for a long time. Also depending on how much solar load is on the car, it may also keep the engine warmer for a longer period.

Usually you need to compare the engine temp after the car has been sitting overnight, but again the engine block and coolant mass take far longer to shift in temperature than say the ambient temp indicator under the bumper.

Your thermostat is looking typical at this point. How long ago did you replace your thermostat?

I am finding about about 3-4 years is when these stats start to get unreliable. I think the heated stats may have more issue as there is more than just a weak spring to give you problems, the heating circuits do open up, however, these usually hard fail and there is no guessing like a soft failing thermostat.
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