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[QUOTE=WuRiCh2355;15034112]To be honest I totally forgot what degree I put the oven on. I believe u can put it on 100 and give it prob 5-10 minutes , make sure u have gloves on cause the head light does get hot , also don't be afraid o"f burning" the light . The light. Is strong and can take that degrees for a period of time. Also u may need a couple flat heads or prying tools and just start to work the lens out with your pry tools and sure enough it will come right apart.also when I put lens back on I pre heated the actualheadlight it's selfand then took it out and pushed the lens bacon and threw the complete headlight back in the oven ,pulled the light out one more time and pushed the lens together some more and made sure all the tabs were sitting in place,& u should be good to go. The glue that is on the light will do, no need for adding more lights sealed up nicely ,waterproof.hope this helps u

Big help thanx man

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