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Originally Posted by ghorn View Post
Read an op-ed yesterday where a former pro athlete explained how he was watching the game with his 7 yr old son--a Skins fan. The 7yr old kid was asking his dad why they were letting him play when it was obvious he was hobbling around hurt.

Point being, who gives a sh!t what the player says, use those beady little eyes in your head, Shanahan, and look at him on the field. HE WAS OBVIOUSLY INJURED. Not just "hurt." The dumb motherfvckers were calling running plays for RG3 in that game, for Christ's sake. I'm amazed that they'd be that wildly irresponsible with a guy that looks like he was the future of the franchise.

Fvcking infuriating.
I wasn't really in the right mind set during the game, but I don't remember them calling any running plays after the initial injury in the first qtr. I do remember him running one time out of bounds, but that was a passing play. He was still able to play after he tweeked his knee, but with our offensive line it was pretty risky. Plus, like I mentioned before, Dr. James Andrews cleared him to go back into the game, so it's not just Shanahan's fault.
- Alex
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