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Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
I mean during their track reviews, when they show exterior clips of the car doing drive bys, the windows would be all blurred out when it's not Clarkson, Hammond or May behind the wheel. Or at least that's what I think..I suspect they'll drive up and down the track doing their script, do a power slide or two, then the rest of the clip is filler with someone else driving.
Seems unlikely, unless they missed a shot they needed and need a reshoot. The cars they drive are press cars, which are given out generally by hour. If they get the car for say 5 hours, most likely the boys would want to drive them around, however, like I said, if they need a re-shoot or some additional shots, they might use another driver just to get those shots. I know they don't drive back from the crazy trips (they just fly home ie North Pole, Romania, Botswana, etc) but other than that, I'm pretty sure it's all them.
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