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"I know this last question is heavily opinionated, but which clutch/flywheel combo do you recommend? At this point in time, I am looking at going with the F1 Gripforce Stage II clutch/flywheel combo. Please post your combos with your personal opinions regarding your replacements. I.e. Durability, Quality, Feel, Noise, Recommendations, etc."

I recently took the dip into the F1 Stage 2 kit on my e39. Getting off the DMF flywheel stock on my car was a good move. That being said I'm at 10k and have realized total failure of the clutch. Their customer server overall (based on initial acquisition and early back and forth experience) was sub-par at best. And I'm still waiting to hear back from them about what I can throw at this flywheel that is *not* gripforce. Background thread here:

The clutch was definitely fun while it lasted and I know other folks have had better experience with it but ... I didn't and now I'm down large._nr_
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