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5 Speed Swap 00' 328i (Donor 99' 328i)

First off I want to say thanks in advance for any help. Ive been reading up on some great threads regarding the swap but I wanted some personal advice for my specific swap. I just bought a new house so I'm a little strapped for cash but want to do it right. This car isn't my daily driver so it can be down for sometime.

My car - Auto 2000 328i
Donor car - Manual 1999 328i

First off I assume these two cars are compatible for the swap?

For everything mentioned below I've been using Neil's post for reference (great info btw)

I have access to anything from the complete donor car and need to know exactly what I need to take. Its in complete working order and had a new clutch/flywheel installed a year ago.

Parts I know required (so far) to pull from donor

Transmission and mount
Clutch Flywheel Assembly
Gearshift and linkage to tranny
Clutch/brake pedals
(Clutch module)
Clutch Cylinder


Existing Clutch/Flywheel/Cylinder:
Since the clutch/flywheel is in good shape is there any reason I cant just mount it up in my car? Any other parts I might need to do this?

I know I can reuse the radiator but mine does have a crack by the filler cap so I will probably replace mine with the manual version, I'm assuming thats all I'll need?

For programming I plan on calling a local reputable shop to see if they can accomplish this. I guess I'm not entirely against sending out the modules out to get them programmed if needed.

I think those are the big questions for now. Any other large ticket items I'm missing? Luckily I have a lift and appropriate tools to remove the tranny so that should hopefully help!
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