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Originally Posted by BavarianBorn View Post
Hi All,

After using this forum to repair an endless amount of DIY projects from VANOS to Window Regulators, I have finally met my match.

My 2005 3.30i (150,000 miles) threw a Service Engine Soon light. I ordered PASoft and an adapter and went ahead and pulled the lifetime of codes from the computer. I saved the log file, and went ahead and cleared all errors. I actually cleared the errors a few times because more errors went away each time.

After 3 clearings I was able to get only a few errors to even remain in the system.

5E16/20 - CAN Timeout Instrument Cluster
5DA3/A0 Wheel speed sensor front right start recognition v comparison
5DA3/A0 Wheel speed sensor front left start recognition v comparison
5DF4/20 - Vehicle Power < 9 Volts

SRS - > Shadow Memory :
50/20 - Power supply, undervoltage
Have you tested to make sure the ABS still actually works real time?

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