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I believe I pointed this out about 3 months ago...

But it really is sad. The worst part is that they will end up being sold to people who can least afford to deal with a car with major problems. I know that a lot of people hate the government intruding in our lives, but this is one case where laws should be passed that require the drivetrain to be seperated from the body, and as much of the electronics as possible should be removed and destroyed. That way, only the mechanical parts can be sold.
Because this is something that happens after every major hurricane or flooding event. There also needs to be some effort by the states to standardize the title process for cars, which is something the US Government can mandate that they do.
Of course, since shipping container rates have dropped so low, they have the opportunity to ship them off to South America, and charge horrible rates for them. There are tons of them that end up down there now.
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