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Well I am not that angry...but mildly frustrated knowing all the waiting in lines and what not ill soon be doing at different clerks etc...

Pulling out of neighborhood on way to JJ which is straight for 2.1 miles then right turn and about 500 yards on left.

Well basically within 10 secs of pulling out this late nite, notice immediately officer behind me and I play it cool...I guess you could say following the law and being civil member of society but not anymore time to flex your rights just to not be cited.

Any who for who stretch of 40mph road he tails me closer than 2 car lengths but reading tag is not long process, foggy out so I will chalk up his tailgating to that. At very end he claims I my front tire pulled completely over white line and these are the 3 feet wide lines too.

Red Light making right turn I stopped (not over line or by dime IMO) waited 3 seconds looks both ways and turn, no car in sight and to see traffic on-coming you can see clearly without pulling up a bit.

Any-who he spitefully within 3 seconds, cause he was gonna go left, gets right behind me and when I turn....there ya have it.

Oh my address not updated too on license even though it one they have processed after clearing suspended license having my updated info, process me an old one so I can get F'd.

There was a cam at red light but since no red light cam how can I get footage?? Definitly taking to court just for "mere probable cause" but ya.
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