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Originally Posted by lovemy330ci View Post
whats going on fanatics, hope everyones doing good in the new year.
it has come to my attention that my 01 330ci, rides like crap compared to my girlfriends 00 323i.

engine wise, my car has 114k on it but the engine is still smooth and has good power, big difference compared to my girls 323i.

now power isnt everything, my car just does not feel nearly as tight and stable as the 323, i drove her car for a few hours and damn what a huge difference. what i love most about her car is the steering. its very stiff and tight, you can notice a huge difference when driving at high speeds, or even just taking a decent turn. My 330ci on the other hand handles like SH*T. iv replaced the control arms and bushings, and did a few things in the rear as well. its very overwhelming to drive my car on the highway i feel like my steering wheel is very lose and that there is alot of play in the steering. i have to constantly try and keep the car from swaying from left to right. it doesnt feel as if i am fighting the car to stay in lane but it does feel like its way to lose. on the other hand, her rear end also feels alot more tight and stable, while mine feels well. buick-ish.

any one else experience this in their cars? i dont know whether it be the steering coupler, or if i need an entire new steering rack, or something else..

any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
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