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Originally Posted by Firstboost View Post
Be heavier on your throttle when starting from a standstill. ALSO, just press it and keep it where you put your foot, don't keep giving it more throttle incrimentally as you start going. I noticed this seems to confuse the SMG... at least mine.

Change your shift speeds around a little bit. I like to use S4 and S5 and when I have the stuttering issue, I'll use the other one which helps for a little bit.

Once I got the CSL SMG program done, it went away almost completely.

This was one of my big gripes with SMG so I found a few ways around it that seem to help.
Thank you for the tips. i really appreciate that.
Actually changing shift speeds around makes sense to me as it made it better when i changed it from S5 to S4. I thought the slower shift helped but after a couple of days later, i felt the judder again. Maybe i should go back to S5 again so it might help. lol

So, i searched online and found some say that it's the clutch, other says it's the DFW (dualmass flywheel) but i really couldn't find any solid solution as a result. I personally don't think it's the clutch as it doesn't show any clutch slip or anything. It just makes horrible judder at the standstill (w/1st or 2nd gear) but sometimes it will go away. Very weird symptoms.

I was about replacing shocks but i wonder if i should do the clutch first instead. (i can't afford both at a time...)

Thanks again guys!
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