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Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
Those pumps have extremely tight tolerances which makes them very quiet and very efficient. Any tiny amount of debris in the oil line that goes to the pump will cause it to fail. This can happen when a turbo takes a dump and spits out it's guts, but we've also seen it happen when installers use silicon on the AN fittings or when debris gets into the lines prior to installation. We've also had issues in the past where the oil scavenge pumps have bolts that loosen up as well. Sometimes they can be tightened up and it works again, but often they are junk when they fail.

Others may chime in here, but I think they typically have a life expectancy of about 30,000 miles.

It would be a nice for us the have an estimated MBTF for some of the key parts in the HPF kit so we can add them to a Maintenance schedule for r HPF cars.
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