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The method you use depends a lot on the amount of air you got in the system, i.e. how much you drained it, and possibly specific details such as if the car was tilted since a lot the hardest part is probably getting air out of the heater core. Some tips:

1) make sure you know roughly how much coolant you need to be adding so you get a good estimate of how much air is in there, a complete drain and fill is 8.9 quarts if I remember correctly.

2) keep the bleeder open and make sure you keep adding coolant above the expansion tank fill line until the air is out otherwise the system has a harder time burping the pockets out.

3) the only thing that was able to get all the air out for me was to massage the upper radiator hose with two hands with the cap off, eventually it gulped liked a clogged toilet and I was all set.

If you have stubborn air pockets running the car and revving it can also help (and did with mine). I used the procedure from Alldata (the same BMW procedure on page 1) and it didn't work well. I had to run the car but the coolant wasn't circulating until I manually massaged the radiator hose. If you do run the car to bleed you shouldn't really be running it long enough to get hot, just enough to try to circulate some coolant.

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